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Client Profile

While our clients come from all walks of life and are of all ages, they have several things in common with each other:

  • They are serious about their financial success and place a premium on their time.
  • They prefer to utilize the services of trusted, fiduciary-minded advisors.
  • They believe that disciplined and common sense investment advice comes from independently thinking advisors, not from large investment institutions.
  • They expect advisors to utilize appropriate investment selection and monitoring criteria, effecting portfolio changes based on this criteria.
  • They understand that market risk fluctuates, yet they expect their advisors to manage portfolios such as to avoid risk above what they are willing to bear.
  • They expect transparency and a straightforward approach.

If you possess any or all of these characteristics, we may be a good fit to helping you live your life as you please. Please call us to schedule an introduction and to explore the possibilities.