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Our Guiding Principles

Personal investing is often an intimate endeavor and we understand the hesitations that people face when make decisions regarding your future. At Waypoint Wealth Management, we adhere to a strict set of principles and values that guide everything we do.

We understand that what we do is important

Every financial decision can impact the quality of your life.  We don’t take this responsibility lightly, which is why our clients continue to trust us and refer us to their family and friends.

We are independent

We chose our independent business model to avoid bias and maintain our client focus, rather than having to focus on the needs of investment institutions. Our independence allows us to provide objective advice that is directly aligned with your needs and goals.

We objectively focus on the long-term

We use an objective, long-term decision making approach in helping you make informed investment decisions. By crafting a plan that addresses your whole financial picture, we are able to work together and guide you through both good and bad markets.

We follow our own advice

This may seem obvious, but a lot of financial advisors they don’t practice what they preach. At Waypoint Wealth Management, we use the same planning and investment strategies that we recommend to our clients because we stand by our process wholeheartedly.

Our firm was founded on these principles, and they continue to guide us every day. Contact us today to learn about how these values can benefit your financial future.